BurdaStyle 2/2013

I just received my February 2013 Issue of BurdaStyle in the mail, and there are so many patterns in this issue I can’t wait to make!! And, even better, most of them are rated easy! Hooray! Here’s a quick look at the patterns I’m loving (all images from the Feb. issue, copyright Burda):

I really love the contrasting neck and sleeve bands on this blouse. Perfect for the office!


This top is made with pre-pleated fabric, and inspires me to try out some of those funky fabrics I see but never know what to do with.


I really like this easy rated knit dress, but I’m not sure the flounce would work on my body type:


I LOVE this top, and bonus – there’s also a longer, dress length version with short sleeves:


This simple halter style dress will be perfect for a vacation in Mexico we’re planning later this year:


I love the gathered effect on this mock wrap skirt (I think this is a candidate for the Giorgio Armani wool I received in a recent mystery bundle):


There are a few other patterns as well – a knit top in short and long sleeve lengths, a couple more dresses that will be perfect for vacation. This issue is going to keep me busy for a good long while!


Instant pencil skirt gratification


I’ve been busy tracing off a pattern for my first attempt at making something from the BurdaStyle magazine. The process is sort of slow-going and tedious, and I found myself starting to avoid the sewing room lately, dreading trying to find the correct pattern lines, trace them, and add in seam allowance. Dreading the sewing room is not a good sign, and I knew I needed something quick and easy to get back in sewing gear. Some of the ladies in the RTW Fasters group had recently mentioned being in a sewing slump, and Sarah suggested sewing up a quick pencil skirt to break through the slump and move forward.

I thought that was a great idea, and had the perfect 1 yard piece of tiger print knit for a skirt, but no pattern. A quick search of the web located this tutorial for making a knit pencil skirt using an existing skirt as a guide, and I was off to the machine to see what I could do!




Sorry for the dark photos – my camera is lost at the moment, so iPhone it is!

I really love this skirt! Quick, easy, and based off something you already own so you know it will fit great! I plan to make up at least two or three more in basic solids to help round out my wardrobe. I would definitely recommend trying this out! Great for that instant gratification we sometimes need!

V1292 – A momentum boost!

Sorry I’ve been a little absent lately!  I started working on M6163 right after I finished the Jasmine blouse.  My muslin showed I needed an FBA, as expected, and this dress doesn’t have “normal” arms (the dress front and back are not connected at the shoulder), so it’s going to take some thought and planning.  After spending a few days trying to figure out how to accomplish the adjustment I was beginning to lose my momentum and decided to shelf M6163 for now and move on to something a little easier.


I’d had V1292 sitting in my pattern stash for a while, but never found any ruffled knit I liked enough to make it up.  What really drew me to this pattern was the origami edge at the bottom.  While the suggested stripes and ruffles and the pattern layout really make this skirt unique, I felt that the origami edge on version A would be just as dramatic in a solid.  I had a nice piece of lavender wool knit in my stash leftover from a top I made last year, and decided to give it a shot.

Origami edge

The skirt turned out really, really well!  I love the edge effect, even in the solid.  The bias cut of these pieces and the way they’re stitched together give them a really nice kick when I move.  There are twelve of them in total, so they do take a bit of time to stitch together and attach, but the end result is totally worth it.

The way the panels of the skirt are cut make it hug your curves just right.  Very flattering!  The length works well with the wool knit with boots for the cooler weather.  If I made this in a lighter weight fabric, I might shorten it just a bit (I’m 5’3″ and didn’t shorten the skirt, so this is probably a little longer than intended on me as-is).

Back view

I used a lightweight cotton jersey in a light gray for the lining.  When you add the lining to the skirt, it is supposed to fall just short of the bottom of the origami edge.  You attach the two at the bottom edge, then pull the lining up and baste at the waist.  The lining is supposed to be slightly shorter than the skirt, which creates a slight “bubble” effect at the bottom.  I found that my lining was actually about the same length as the skirt, and actually peeked out a little at the bottom.  This didn’t work well since the lining was a different color.  Plus, I didn’t want to lose the bubble effect.  I pulled the lining up and cut about an inch off at the top.  This reduced the lining length by just enough to create the “bubble” effect at the bottom.

I really like the quick and easy elastic waist on this skirt as well.  The instructions have you cut a length of elastic that is 4″ shorter than your “honest waist measurement”, but the ends together over a scrap of fabric, and zigzag together.  You then mark the elastic and skirt at the quarter marks, match the marks right sides together, and zigzag the elastic to the skirt at the top, stretching as you sew.  You then turn under and zigzag to the skirt at the bottom of the elastic as well.  I thought this would be tight on my waist, but it’s actually very comfortable.

I sewed the whole thing up on my new Bernina, which sews like an absolute dream!  It was a good test run for the new addition.  I really, really love the end result, and think it has definitely had the desired result of renewing my motivation.  I’m hoping to figure out that FBA this weekend and forge ahead with M6163!